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We are a taxidermy supply company offering a wide range of hand carved wood products; from hunting trophy panels to wall decor, with each item exquisitely handcrafted in every detail to add prestige and beauty to your den, cottage or trophy room.

Our dedicated craftsmen utilize age-old techniques and use only solid wood to beautifully handcrafted taxidermy wood plaques with intricate design details featuring classic black forest, baroque and contemporary elements.

We offer taxidermy panels for every trophy, size and style but if neither is not right, we can custom create it.

Our >>online store<< product break down is as follows:

Classical - simple, routered panels crafted to fit any trophy
Large-Game - detailed panels suitable for moose, elk or whitetail deer - full or partial skull mounts
Small-Game - detailed panels suitable for roe / small deer and predator mounts
Boar / Hog - detailed panels perfect for wild boar, feral hog or javelin tusks
Pedestal - detailed panels crafted to fit ram / sheep skull or full European skull mounts
Fish - unique panels crafted to fit fish trophies
Shoulder - detailed panels crafted to fit shoulder mounts - custom sizes are available
Turkey - detailed panels suitable for turkey beard and tail fan mounts
Antler Mounting Kits - includes a panel of your choice, manikin, accessories and instructions
Cottage Decor - weather stations, etc...

As well, we offer a complete assortment of accessories, adhesives and chemicals to help you clean, prepare and mount your trophy quickly.

To assist our customers make the right choice, we offer panel selection and sizing guidelines as well as trophy preparation and trophy mounting instructions in PDF format free for download.


If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us and we will respond to your inquiry within a few hours.

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